Terms and Conditions

Kid’s Parties


A children’s party at Manhattan Superbowl is confirmed by forwarding the requested deposit ($100.00) within the time period as stated in the confirmation letter.


Birthday party package prices are subject to change without notice due to any changes in government charges, taxes or levies. All prices in AUD and include GST.


Deposits can be paid by Visa, MasterCard, cash or Electronic Funds Transfer. Manhattan Superbowl also accepts American Express where a 2.05% surcharge will be applied. Within seven (7) days of the function date, payments made thus far remain non-refundable should the booking be cancelled or guest numbers be reduced below the deposit paid.


Notification of a guaranteed minimum number of guests attending the function is required four (4) working days prior to the function date and will form the basis for final charging. The Guest will be charged the full amount for confirmed final numbers. There are no refunds or monies transferred available should there be a reduction in final numbers on the day of the function or once final numbers are confirmed and paid for. In the event the Guest does not provide Manhattan Superbowl with notification of final numbers by the required date, final numbers will be taken to be as documented in the initial letter of confirmation and form the basis for final charging.


Manhattan Superbowl requires a minimum number of 10 (ten) children for a kids party booking to be confirmed, unless written consent is provided by Manhattan Superbowl prior to confirmation of final numbers and final payment.


Payment in full is required prior or on the day of the party.

Manhattan Superbowl does not offer an account facility. Manhattan Superbowl accepts Visa, MasterCard, cash or Electronic Funds Transfer. Manhattan Superbowl also accepts American Express where a 2.05% surcharge will be applied. Any subsequent charges are payable at the conclusion of the party. The party contact/company is liable for payment of all charges associated with the function. In the event the Guest does not provide Manhattan Superbowl with final payment by the required date, Manhattan Superbowl may either cancel the event or release any held space that has not been paid for by the Guest. This will occur four (4) working days prior to the date of the function as per the final numbers term (see ‘Final numbers’).


Manhattan Superbowl allows the Guest one (1) opportunity to postpone the function. Manhattan Superbowl will attempt to roll over the function date, subject to availability. Manhattan Superbowl must be informed of postponement of a function seven (7) working days prior to the original function date or it will be treated as a cancellation (see ‘Cancellation’). If the confirmation deposit has already been received, it will be transferred to the new date, subject to availability and management. However, if the revised function date is cancelled or changed, the Guest will forfeit the deposit paid following the terms as per those found in ‘Cancellation’. In the event of a change of date for your function, Manhattan Superbowl must be informed of the rescheduled date for the event within (3) months of the cancellation. If no date is confirmed within this time period, the entire paid amount is forfeited.


In the regrettable situation that the Guest cancels the function, written notification is required. The following cancellation terms will also apply: Notification more than four (4) days prior to the event – Manhattan Superbowl will return the deposit made in full. Guests have the opportunity to reschedule booking to a date within 3 months of the original booking (see ‘Change Of Date’).


Any pre ordered catering such as platters and pizzas need to be pre paid in advance.

At least 72 hours notice is required for platters.

Manhattan Superbowl reserves the right to amend menu items listed without prior notice. All catering will be provided by Manhattan Superbowl. If the Guest requires a special arrangement to be made in relation to food or beverage, the Guest is required to sign a food service waiver, which should be submitted to Manhattan Superbowl prior to the function.

No external food or beverage is permitted, unless in relation to a food allergy which the venue has been made aware of. Guests are also permitted to bring their own birthday cake.



Manhattan Superbowl is a fully licensed venue. All guests must be over 18 and provide valid proof of age identification to frequent the venue after 10:00pm. Valid proof of age identification includes the following only: valid passport, Australian driver’s license, state learners permit or proof of age card. No refunds will be given or exceptions made for failure to provide valid proof of age identification upon request at Manhattan Superbowl or for negligence of current state licensing laws.


The Guest will be financially responsible for any damage sustained to Manhattan Superbowl’s property and/or fittings prior to, during or after the function by the Guest, their function’s guests, or contractors engaged by the Guest. The Guest will be charged for any repairs, labour or replacement, as deemed necessary by management.


Manhattan Superbowl does not accept responsibility for the damage or loss of goods left on the premises prior to, during or after a function.


If, in the opinion of Manhattan Superbowl, it is necessary to employ staff for the purpose of maintaining security at any function to be held at Manhattan Superbowl, the cost of employing such staff shall be added to the function charge, payable by the Guest. Manhattan Superbowl reserved the right to exclude persons, without liability, from a function.


Manhattan Superbowl follows the national Alcohol Beverage Industries Council guidelines on the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). Manhattan Superbowl staff members are instructed not to serve any alcoholic beverages to guests under the age of eighteen (18) years or to guests in a state of intoxication. Food is available for purchase. Manhattan Superbowl does not accept responsibility for the intoxication of patrons due to lack of food consumption. Manhattan Superbowl’s policy is to serve guests in a responsible, friendly and professional manner. The right to discontinue liquor service is reserved by Manhattan Superbowl.


Freestanding signage is permitted. No signage or display material is to be nailed, screwed, stapled or adhered to any surface of the venue (see ‘Damages’).


If Manhattan Superbowl is unable to comply with any of the provisions of this Agreement by virtue of any cessation or interruption of electricity or gas supplies, industrial disputes, plant or equipment failure, unavailability of foodstuffs, or other unforeseen contingency or accident; Manhattan Superbowl will not be liable.


The Guest has been supplied with an indicative running order. Please note that Manhattan Superbowl management reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to alter the running order to best facilitate the function on the day. Should the Guest wish to make any changes to the running order of the function, Manhattan Superbowl requires these to be communicated at least seven (7) working days prior to the function. If the Guest is running late for the agreed start time of their function, Manhattan Superbowl reserves the right to adjust the Guest’s running order to coincide with Manhattan Superbowl’s pre-existing bookings. (For example, duration time of activities booked may be reduced to honour the agreed-upon end time of said activities.)


Any goods or services provided on the day that are not included in the Guest’s function must be paid for at the completion of the Guest’s function (e.g. bar tabs, extra guests). Manhattan Superbowl accepts payment via Visa, Mastercard, American Express (which incurs a 2.05% surcharge) and cash. For card payments, the cardholder and their card must be present in person to complete the transaction. Manhattan Superbowl is unable to accept payment by cheque.


For the safety of all guests, any bowling lane misuse will result in games being immediately terminated. This misuse may include: bowling more than one ball at a time; trespass of the foul line (clearly marked at the start of the bowling lane); offensive behaviour and/or indecent language; behaviour deemed dangerous to others. If you have any questions regarding these conditions, please ask prior to game commencement.