Red Card Member Benefits

  •  Discounted priced bowling games
  • Points accrued for each dollar spent to be used on food and beverages
  • Exclusive member prize giveaways & special offers
  • Invitation to special events
  • Membership is complimentary

Red Card Member Points
Red Card members are rewarded for their food and beverages. Every dollar spent generates Red Card Points. Points accumulate for members to use at any subsequent purchase. Red Card members may chose to engage discounts immediately, or accumulate discounts for a special purpose at a later date. This venue encourages the responsible sale, supply and service of alcohol.



  • Members will have access to all exclusive offers
  • By becoming a member, members consent to receive promotional information will receive such information via email or SMS text, or both
  • Red Card points will be generated as follows: – Food purchases: $1.00 generates 0.05 point – Bar purchases: $1.00 generates 0.05 point Red Card points will be generated to the second decimal point. For example, a Food or Bar purchase of $30.50 will generate 1.52 points.
  • The redemption rate is 1 point = $0.50
  • Points may be redeemed at any time as long as points surrendered cover the full transaction (not just a single item within the transaction)
  • Red Card Members can accumulate points for any eligible purchase
  • Membership benefits are only valid for the name on the card
  • Points / benefits cannot be transferred to other members
  • Red Card Members must swipe their membership card during the purchase transaction to generate points
  • Proof of age may be required prior to acceptance of membership
  • In the event of a power failure or system malfunction resulting in the non-allocation of points, such points will not be subsequently allocated.


Terms & Conditions

If your application for the Red Card membership is accepted, you will become a member of the Newmarket Hotel and Manhattan Superbowl and these conditions will govern your membership. We recommend that you read them carefully.
The Newmarket Hotel and Manhattan Superbowl, at any time, without notice or providing any reason: I) Change these conditions, II) Change, suspend or terminate the Red Card in the event that the rewards, or the provision of any benefit under the Red Card membership, is contrary to any legislative requirement, government direction or court order.

The Newmarket Hotel and Manhattan Superbowl may use agents or contractors to carry out all or part of Red Card Rewards on its behalf.

Any notice under these conditions is deemed to have been given by the Newmarket Hotel by a member if emailed or sent via SMS to the member’s electronic address as last provided by the member.

The Newmarket Hotel and Manhattan Superbowl has taken, and will continue to take, all reasonable care to ensure that information within the Red Card  Rewards is accurate, but does not accept liability for errors or omissions.


Even though there is no closing date, the Newmarket Hotel and Manhattan Superbowl reserves the right to cancel any member’s participation in if: I) in management’s judgement, the Member has in any way contravened these terms and conditions, or the Member ceases to meet membership requirements for the Red Card Rewards, if no points are awarded to the member in a 12-month period. When a membership is cancelled, all accumulated points are cancelled.

The Red Cards membership card remains the property of the Newmarket Hotel & Manhattan Superbowl.

To qualify for discounts the Red Card must be presented at the till when purchases are made. Transactions without the membership card cannot be recorded and therefore, cannot count towards discounts. The member accepts these terms and conditions and rules or policies that may be adopted from time to time.

Points cannot be generated on discounted items

Change will not be given for discounts.

Discounts are not redeemable for cash or transferable.

The Newmarket Hotel & Manhattan Superbowl reserves the right to decline issue, withdraw the card or alter condition at any time, or terminate the Red Card facility at any time without notice.

It is the responsibility of the Member to notify the Newmarket Hotel of any change of email or SMS address or personal details.

You may apply for a new Red Card if yours is lost or stolen. Any accrued benefit will be transferred to your new card. A fee may be charged by the Newmarket Hotel for the provision of a replacement card.

In the event of any query, a member’s receipt will be required as evidence of purchase. Management’s decision in the event of any dispute is final and binding.

A member’s card and any unredeemed accrued benefits are not transferable, and must be used by the Member to whom the points are issued.

The member’s card cannot be used with any other event or promotion unless stipulated by management.

The card is not a credit payment or cheque guaranteeing card.


Membership points are awarded to a member by purchasing food and beverages at the Newmarket Hotel & Manhattan Superbowl.

Points are not accumulated for bowling

Points are awarded on the value of the purchase made including GST. This excludes all purchases made through gaming. The Newmarket Hotel & Manhattan Superbowl may exclude products from time to time.

A reward is a discount redeemed for accrued points.

Discounts are not transferable to cash.

To be issued a discount, members must accrued the required number of points in their Red Cards rewards account, (minimum requirement 10 points.)

The Newmarket Hotel and Manhattan Superbowl may at any time, without prior notice to members alter the number of points required to obtain a discount or impose additional restrictions on discounts or the conditions of obtaining them.


The Newmarket Hotel and Manhattan Superbowl accepts no liability in respect of any taxation liability of members arising from the redemption of points. Members are responsible for any personal tax treatment of rewards received.