Kids Bowling Party Packages

Parties from 10am to 6pm for Kids aged 3 to 11

Our kids bowling party packages are two hours and include the following:

#AA4318_MSB - Kids Party 2019#AA4318_MSB - Kids Party 2019 #AA4318_MSB - Kids Party 2019




#AA4318_MSB - Kids Party 2019 #AA4318_MSB - Kids Party 2019



#AA4318_MSB - Kids Party 2019

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 Fine print..

Deposit of $100.00 confirms your birthday reservation which can be made seven (7) days prior to your event
Parties without a deposit are not confirmed. Therefore we will not proceed with the birthday party.
No personal cheques are accepted for deposit, or final payment
The number of guests attending the party must be confirmed seven (7) working days prior to your party
The number that you confirm are the numbers that are payable on the day,regardless of no show of guests.
Special catering requests, extras and adult platter orders must be confirmed at least three (3) days prior to the party
A minimum of 10 children is required for a birthday party host.
No outside catering or beverages are permitted except birthday cake
Public Holidays have an additional 20% surcharge



- Wear sports socks

- Please inform us of any dietary requirements

- Be ready to enjoy one of the best times you have ever had

An initial deposit of $100 will be required up to one week before the party date.